Massage Chair Store San Jose: Real Relax VS the Competition

massage chair for homeAre you in search of an establishment that retails premium massage chairs in San Jose? The market for massage chairs is not wanting, and finding the ideal choice for your needs can overwhelm you. Real Relax, a reputable brand, advertises exquisite massage chairs designed to cater to different body requirements. In this article, a comparison of Real Relax and other esteemed brands aims to assist you in making an informed decision.

Why Choose Real Relax?

massage chair for homeReal Relax’s brand is known for its reputable standing in the industry. Their massage chairs are of high quality and available at competitive prices. They feature a complete massage experience that can help decrease stress and improve blood circulation while relieving muscle tension. Moreover, Real Relax has an array of choices available that cater to specific needs, such as zero gravity chairs and traditional massage chairs.

Consider the Real Relax Favor-03 Plus, a prevalent choice amongst individuals seeking an affordable massage chair with high-end features. It furnishes users with massage types such as shiatsu, kneading, and vibration. This model also consists of zero gravity reclining functions, promoting improved circulation and reducing lumbar pressure. Furthermore, it delivers heating therapy that can soothe sore muscles and promote a deeper sense of relaxation. Moreover, it comprises a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to relax to your favorite tunes.

The Real Relax Favor-05 Plus is another option that continues to receive global recognition. It boasts a complete full-body airbag massage system that utilizes airbags placed strategically to provide a comprehensive massage experience. In addition, it incorporates foot rollers that can help ease foot tension and pain. The Favor-05 plus further incorporates heating therapy, which helps to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation. Similar to the Favor-03 Plus, it includes a Bluetooth sound system, allowing users to stream their preferred audio while thoroughly relaxing during the massage.

Real Relax Vs. Other Brands

Bearing in mind that other brands sell massage chairs, Favor-04 ADV Massage Chair considering different brands is essential when searching for a massage chair. In this section, the comparison highlights brands such as Osaki, Kahuna, and Human Touch against Real Relax, aiding in informed decision-making.

1. Osaki

Osaki is one of the most prominent massage chair brands globally. Their chairs are notable, with each model equipped with innovative features such as 3D rollers, body scan technology, and zero gravity positioning. However, their chairs come with high price points, costing over $10,000, deterring clients who seek affordable alternatives.

On the contrary, Real Relax provides similar features to Osaki’s chairs at a fraction of the cost. For example, the Real Relax Favor-03 Plus delivers zero-gravity positioning, body scan technology, and a heating system, yet selling at a lower price than most of Osaki’s models. Additionally, the company offers a one-year warranty, promising product satisfaction.

2. Kahuna

The Kahuna brand is reputable for producing high-quality massage chairs. While their chairs are well-made, they can be more expensive when compared to Real Relax’s models. Their chairs offer various features, including L-track rollers, zero gravity positioning, and body scan technology. Furthermore, they include warranty coverage that spans up to three years, ensuring product satisfaction for clients.

Real Relax, on the other hand, provides expanded choices than Kahuna, with models possessing built-in heating systems and Bluetooth speakers that offer additional relaxation choices. In addition, their chairs are more affordable, offering better value.

3. Human Touch

Human Touch, a reputable brand, designs massage chairs with cutting-edge technology. Their chairs can be expensive, selling at $10,000 and above, making them significant investments. The features of their chairs include zero gravity positioning, body scanning technology, and L-track rollers.

However, Real Relax offers similar capabilities at a lower price point. For instance, the Real Relax Favor-05 Plus furnishes users with features, such as a full-body airbag massage system, zero gravity positioning, and heating therapy, costing less than some of Human Touch’s models. The brand offers more affordable alternatives while still giving quality massages.


If you are seeking a reputable massage chair store in San Jose, Real Relax is a suitable option. The brand adverts massage chairs with impressive features at reasonable prices, providing value for clients. Compared to other brands like Osaki, Kahuna, and Human touch, Real Relax offers more alternatives that cater to specific needs while delivering better value. Consider models such as The Favor-03 Plus or Favor-05 Plus for an affordable and high-quality massage experience.

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