Confronting Issues with Your Brookstone Massage Chair: A Real Relax Owner’s Manual

It is of paramount importance that one, as an owner of a Real Relax massage chair, be well-equipped to handle any issue that might arise during its use, most especially with regards to its technology or functionality. In this article, we shall provide you with an extensive manual on how to address any and all concerns that may appear concerning your Brookstone massage chair. Having such a manual at one’s disposal can help alleviate any frustration that might arise during their precious moments of relaxation.

An Understanding of Your Brookstone Massage Chair

true massagerBefore we delve into the guide on how to resolve any issue, it is best to first take a thorough look at the functions and features of the Brookstone massage chair. By comprehending the basic workings of one’s massage chair, one can quickly identify any issues that may arise and potentially address them with skill and dexterity.

The Brookstone massage chair, a superlative feat of engineering, offers its users a wide breadth of features and functions that provide an unparalleled massaging experience. It offers an assortment of massaging options, uses multiple massage styles, and is equipped with airbags that provide a comprehensive full-body massage experience.

The chair’s airbags have the ability to inflate and deflate, creating a rhythmic squeezing motion from the feet upwards, allowing for an increase in blood flow and potentially lessening muscle tension. Furthermore, the chair provides a range of massage options that can be adjusted to cater to one’s individual preferences.

Notably, the key mechanisms of the chair are its rollers and nodes, which knead and roll on one’s back, simulating the experience of a real massage. One can control and customize the speed of the rollers and nodes to cater to their liking. The chair is sophisticated and comes with a remote control that can easily enable the customization of one’s massage experience.

Common Issues with Brookstone Massage Chairs

It is not completely unheard of to encounter one or more issues when using one’s Brookstone massage chair. Some examples of such issues include:

  • The chair does not turn on, even if one has plugged it into an outlet and turned it on.
  • The chair’s massage nodes fail to knead or roll efficiently.
  • The remote control is not working correctly, or the settings are non-functional.

The regions of concern could range from minor inconveniences such as remote control malfunction to substantial issues that may impact the chair’s overall operations. Let us explore how to confront each issue and attain successful resolution to enable the smooth functioning of one’s massage chair.

Issue Resolution Guide

  1. The chair does not turn on. Should one encounter this issue, it is crucial to first check the power source, ensuring that it is functional. Afterward, firmly connect the power cable to the outlet. If the outlet and power cable are functioning, turn on the massage chair using the ‘on’ switch, Real Relax┬« PS6000 Massage Chair which is located near the power cable.
  2. The chair’s massage nodes fail to knead or roll effectively. Should one encounter the said issue, start by checking all massage areas and ensure they are free of obstructions. Clear any articles that may be impeding the chair’s proper functions. Next, clean the massage chair and ensure that all parts inside are functioning. It may also be useful to check the power supply’s condition as well.
  3. The remote control is not working correctly. Should one’s remote fail to work, or should the settings fail to function, ensure first that the massage chair is turned on and plugged in. In some cases, replacing the batteries may be helpful. If issues persist, it may be advised to consult the instruction manual for guidance.

Importantly, should one be inexperienced in massage chair repair, attempting to repair the intricate machinery of the chair could lead to further complications or issues. In such cases, it is recommended that individuals seek guidance from a specialist or Brookstone customer service.


Brookstone massage chairs are indeed remarkable due to their vast array of features and functions, present in the unparalleled massaging experience they offer their users. While it is possible to encounter issues when using a massage chair, it is imperative to maintain it optimally, keeping it clean and ensuring its longevity and reliability. By following the tips provided in this issue resolution guide, one can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of a functional massage chair for years to come. We trust that this informative manual has proven useful and that you can continue using your Brookstone massage chair without any issues.

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