Bruises from a Massage Chair: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

royal massage chairIf one is a fan of massages yet lacks the time or finances to visit a professional, Real Relax Mall acquiring a massage chair may prove to be a sound investment. It supplants the need for outsourcing massages by offering convenience and cost-effectiveness, all within the confines of one’s home. However, bruises arising from the use of a massage chair have been reported and may elicit concern.

ottoman massagerWhile bruises resulting from the operation of a massage chair are not unprecedented, they can be distressing and visually off-putting. Nonetheless, there are a few measures that can be taken to prevent their occurrence and treat them if necessitated. In this discourse, we delve into the root causes of bruises resulting from a massage chair, how to circumvent them, and the actions to adopt once a bruise appears.

Causes of Bruises from a Massage Chair

A massage chair operates by using a set of rollers, airbags, and other gizmos to apply pressure to diverse regions of the body. It endeavors to replicate the experience of human massage therapists’ hands, fingers, and elbows in executing a massage. While many revel in the sensation, others may be susceptible to bruising.

The substantial precipitant of bruises is excessive pressure. This is evocative if the chair’s operations are extended or on a high setting. If one is a novice at employing a massage chair, one ought to initiate the sessions with shorter durations and lesser strength. As one grows more accustomed, escalate the intensity and length of the sessions, while taking care to monitor one’s body’s reaction to the pressure.

The perpetual employment of incorrect posture is another culprit of bruises deriving from a massage chair. Should one’s body be defectively arranged, the pressure may be applied in a lopsided manner, causing bruises in particular areas. One should endeavor to sit upright with feet grounded on the floor while resting the back against the chair. Adjusting the chair’s settings ensures that pressure is evenly dispersed.

Preventing Bruises from a Massage Chair

The foremost method to circumvent bruises arising from a massage chair is by using it correctly. One should limit the sessions to 15-30 minutes long while adjusting the settings to manageable levels. If one’s inexperience with a massage chair is significant, distill the sessions to shorter intervals and lessen the intensity, allowing one to acclimatize comfortably, keeping vigil for any adverse body reactions.

Keeping impeccable posture is vital in preventing bruises as it helps to ensure even distribution of pressure. When one sits upright with the back against the chair and feet on the floor, the chances of experiencing bruises in localized areas diminish greatly. A towel or blanket between one’s skin and the chair’s rollers can reduce the intensity of pressure, translating to a lower likelihood of bruises. One may also use a soft roller attachment if available in the chair’s design.

Treating Bruises from a Massage Chair

If one suffers a bruise resulting from the usage of a massage chair, one ought not to panic as it is typically not a cause for alarm. It occurs due to the rupture of small blood vessels under the skin’s surface, resulting in menstrual discharge in the surrounding tissue. A cold compress or ice applied to the affected area for the first two days can alleviate pain and swelling. Afterward, switching to a warm compress in promoting blood flow and healing is ideal.

Over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen can provide relief momentarily. However, if the bruise inflicts significant pain or is sizable, medical attention from a physician is imperative to rule out underlying conditions like clotting blood or fractures.


Bruising from a massage chair can be a discomforting experience, yet it usually poses no threat. Proper usage and vigilance in monitoring body reactions ensure the probability of bruises is minimal while taking advantage of the advantages accruing from a massage chair. The maintenance of impeccable posture and the use of a towel or blanket when one is predisposed to bruising is vital. In the event of a bruise, no fear should be felt as it ought to heal naturally within a few weeks.

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