Brookstone Massage Chair Return Policy: How to Avoid Confrontation with Real Relax

The contemplation of obtaining a massage chair may prompt concern regarding the return policy and the potential for real relax massage chair price confrontations. Fortunately, Brookstone’s Massage Chair return policy provides assurance to anxious buyers. On the other hand, for those who have already acquired a Real Relax chair and are experiencing second thoughts, there are means to evade conflicts with their return policy.

massage chair 2022Purchasing a massage chair is a considerable investment. Not only do they cost several hundred to thousands of dollars, but also occupy ample space in your abode. Therefore, it is pivotal to select a company with fair and flexible return policy in case of shifting preferences.

Brookstone’s Return Policy: A Buyer’s Dream!

For those searching for a generous and trouble-free return policy, Brookstone represents an excellent choice. The company offers a 60-day return window, without any inquiries. Signifying that you may return the massage chair within 60 days of purchase devoid of any reason,

The chair must retain its original state, though, without any defects or missing parts. Even if there is nothing technically incorrect with the massage chair, and you merely altered your mind, Brookstone’s return policy enables you to return the item without inquiries.

Stipulations of Brookstone’s Return Policy

Although Brookstone’s return policy consists of one of the most accommodating policies in the industry, several terms and conditions need consideration.

  • The chair must remain in its original condition with all the accessories enclosed.
  • You must hold your original sales receipt or invoice.
  • A restocking fee may apply depending on the item’s state.

A sales receipt or an invoice confirming the purchase serves as evidence of purchase and includes one of the few exceptions to Brookstone’s return policy. If lacking such documentation, Brookstone will not process your return. It is necessary to keep the chair and all of the accessories in their original form and state.

The chair must remain undamaged and not show any wear or tear when returned. It is your responsibility to ensure these requirements are fulfilled and, if the massage chair was used, pay a restocking fee. Depending on the condition of the returned item, the percentage of the restocking fee can vary.

Real Relax Return Policy: More Restrictive with Limited Flexibility

Real Relax’s return policy, in comparison, proves more restrictive. The company offers a 30-day return window that is significantly shorter than Brookstone’s 60-day return window. Additionally, the chair must be in “new” and unused condition and in its original packaging. Real Relax will refrain from accepting the return of any chair that has been unsealed, used, or assembled.

This return policy presents difficulties, chiefly since assembling the massage chair constitutes a key method of determining whether it is a flawless fit. If you decide afterward that you dislike the chair after assembling and using it, you will be unable to return it following Real Relax’s policy.

Guidelines to Avoid Confrontation when Returning a Real Relax Chair

If you have already purchased a Real Relax chair and determined it is not for you, there are guidelines to avoid potential conflicts with their return policy. These guidelines encompass:

  • Do not assemble the chair unless you have decided to keep it.
  • Do not toss away the original packaging. Ensure all accessories are included before utilizing the chair.
  • Immediately contacting customer service if any questions or concerns regarding the process arise.
  • Remaining courteous and polite when returning the chair, notwithstanding your frustration or dissatisfaction.

By following these guidelines, you can avoid any issues that may arise with Real Relax’s return policy and receive a full refund for your purchase. Understanding the return policy of any company from which you procure a massage chair is of great importance.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the return policy in mind when purchasing a massage chair is vital. Massage chairs represent a significant investment, and you want to ensure contentment with your purchase. While Brookstone’s return policy offers greater flexibility, Real Relax’s return policy can still be navigated without conflict if the guidelines are abided by. Remembering to keep all packaging and accessories, avoiding assembling the chair until you are sure of keeping it, and contacting customer service if any questions or concerns arise is crucial. With these guidelines in mind, you can relax and enjoy your new massage chair with confidence.

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