Prescription HCG Drops for the HCG Diet

How Do HCG Drops WorkIf you’re like any one of the two-thirds of obese or overweight adults in the United States, then you’re probably ready for a diet overhaul and a workout routine.

Given up on a weight loss product?

You’re sick of throwing your hard-earned money away on weight loss pills and drinks that made you fatter?

Then the solution is simple: stop.

Instead, consider a painless, non-invasive drop that can boost the metabolism into overdrive, shed the pounds, and melt away that extra tire you’ve been carrying all this time.

Real HCG diet drops will provide you with real weight loss results when used in conjunction with the HCG diet.

Imagine being able to move around better, go to the beach, play sports, horse around with the kids, and look in the mirror without that double-chin staring back.

Learn more about what HCG can do for your life, and how you can make it work for you.

What is Prescription HCG?

Prescription HCG TabletsHuman chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone that’s prescribed as a medication that’s available from both local and online HCG pharmacies in the U.S. It’s produced in abundance by pregnant women, and extracted via external fluids. Contrary to popular belief that only females produce HCG, it’s actually produced in very low levels by both males and females. This is because HCG has many key roles.

When used for weight loss benefits, HCG dosages will vary depending on your weight loss goals and needs. If you’re trying to decide between the injections and the drops, you’ll need to consider the appropriate strength doses for each type of application. Medical-grade HCG is extremely effective for people looking to lose a lot of weight. The heavier you are, the more beneficial the prescription doses will be for you. It’s been the light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of people struggling to get their weight loss goals on track.

Once you’ve lose most of the weight, you might want to consider other HCG products to tackle those last few pounds that are tough to burn off. When HCG is combined with lipotropics and other complex vitamins, it can hone in on those hard to lose areas by increasing blood flow, sensitizing receptors, and transporting fat from stubborn adipose stores to be burned.

Uses of Prescribed HCG

HCG is a recognized drug that’s regulated by the FDA for its use in fertility and various other health benefits. When it comes to using HCG for weight loss, the FDA has no jurisdiction over its use, but the amounts needed for the medical-grade injections and drops do require a prescription from a doctor or nurse practitioner. This can easily be obtained from either your personal physician, a doctor at a local HCG clinic, or more conveniently from an online HCG clinic. The many benefits that HCG provides makes it a notable hormone that’s wanted for more reasons than just weight loss.

  • Uses of HCGFertility – HCG is used for both men and women for fertility treatment. For men, it also helps to synthesize testosterone and increase sperm count. In women, it helps to induce ovulation, and the release of an egg to be fertilized by sperm.
  • Tumors – Detectable levels of natural HCG in men can be a tumor indicator. Some tumors give off elements such as choriocarcinoma and others that HCG levels respond to.
  • Anabolic steroids – Because HCG is highly effective for encouraging better performance and increased levels of testosterone, it’s been used in the athletic world to buffer, protect, and build strong, healthy, lean muscle.
  • Weight loss – This type of application uses HCG combined with a low calorie diet to encourage weight loss. Used in this way, it stimulates hormones to tell the brain to continue melting down adipose stores.

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HCG is a natural substance that’s produced by the body, and it has many desirable benefits when it’s applied to perform the job it’s been set out to do.

HCG Injections vs Prescription HCG Drops

Choose Your HCGIf you’re ready to hop onto the fat-burning band wagon, then you’re probably at a crossroads as to which type of HCG is right for you – injections or drops? Despite the fact that many people argue over the quality and potency of both forms, they’re essentially similar products that offer similar weight loss benefits.

Since both forms of HCG treatment are effective, it’s more of a preference of application rather than the quality of the HCG. The injections ensure 100 percent absorption into the bloodstream but they do tend to be on the expensive side, tedious to use, and like with all needles, they do poke a little bit. This can present a few potential side effects such as rash and itching at the injection site, and if the needle is used incorrectly, it can be painful. They’re not as user-friendly as the prescription grade drops. If you want to use HCG injections you can enroll to purchase them here.

The drops are non-invasive and painless, and they’re extremely easy to prepare and use. You do however need a higher dose than the injections to offset the lower absorption rate of a sublingual medicine.

There’s no getting around the fact that HCG prescription is most effective when it’s injected directly into the bloodstream. However, most people avoid having to receive injections, let alone administer it themselves at their own hands. That’s where HCG drops are extremely more attractive over the injections.

Prescription HCG Vs Homeopathic Drops – Knowing Which to Use

Having decided to use drops instead of injections, your next question should be ‘which type of HCG drops should I use’? You are faced with the option of either homeopathic or prescription HCG drops and each have advantages in specific scenarios.

HCG Drop OverviewFor example, real HCG drops (prescription), are more effective than homeopathic drops for those with very high weight loss goals. If you’re fairly large, and you’ve got a ways to go, you’ll want prescription grade to start with. You’ll lose weight fast and effectively.

On the other hand, homeopathic drops are strongly encouraged if you’ve got less than 25 pounds to lose.

Why? HCG works differently when you’re on the tail end of your weight loss goals. The body’s natural reaction is to store more fat than it’s burning when you’ve only got those last, stubborn, few pounds to lose. HCG triggers the hormones necessary to tell the brain to keep on burning. This is where conventional HCG may be best left on the shelf in favor of the homeopathic alternative.

Some grades of homeopathic HCG include lipotropics and metabolic boosters to enhance the performance of HCG, and to provide the body with nutrition, protection, and the fire-raging fuel the metabolism needs. It is often cheaper and if you’re a natural, holistic type person to begin with, you’ll love that you have this option of HCG to choose from.

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How to Use Prescription HCG Drops

If you have chosen to stick with prescription grade HCG drops due to a higher weight loss requirement, you will need to know how to prepare them for use. This form of HCG is sometimes referred to as “DIY HCG drops”, because you’ll need to mix the solution yourself when you receive the product. DIY HCG DropsThis is because once the solution is mixed, it needs to be refrigerated immediately to remain active.

When you order prescription drops, you will receive the HCG powder, a vial of reconstitution liquid and dosing dropper. Although each manufacturer and retailer has their own instructions unique to their product and design, the method is relatively the same. Don’t be intimidated. It’s not as hard as it may seem…

Simply remove the cap on the vial of the HCG, and pour in the supplied reconstitution liquid. You’ll need to follow the specific instructions telling you how much liquid you’ll need to insert into the mixing vial. Gently swirl the vial containing the HCG and liquid combination so that it mixes thoroughly. The vial will then need to be refrigerated.

When you’re ready to use it, calm down your cortisol-excited nerves, and picture that super-lean body you know you’re going to work for. This step is optional, but it’s very effective! Proceed to drop the appropriate dosage directly onto the soft tissue under the tongue, and allow it to be absorbed. Finito!

Potential Side Effects of Prescribed HCG Drops

The nature of the drops present very little, if any, side effects – remember, the amount of HCG being used is just a fraction of what a pregnant women (and her baby) are exposed to during her pregnancy! However, a small majority of people may experience some unwanted symptoms, normally due to prolonged and excessive use HCG. These symptoms may include:Dr Simeons

  • Nausea, possibly with diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Pelvic or stomach pain with swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of limbs – legs and hands
  • Increase in weight

The doctor that prescribes the Rx will disclose these potential side effects, and will give you medical advice if the symptoms persist. However if the symptoms are experienced at all, they don’t last, and you’ll be free to enjoy the new body that’s forming right in front of your own eyes.

Where to Buy Prescription HCG Drops

When you’re ready to reconstruct your body, and lose all those pounds that have been holding you back, you have two easily accessible and trustworthy ways to get your HCG drops. These options include buying online or from a local HCG clinic. Despite what delivery method and option you choose to purchase from, you’ll still have to consider some aspects to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

To begin with, you’ll want to closely consider the labels and company manufacturing and selling the HCG. You want genuine HCG drops, not just herbal HCG-free products with boosters that actually contain no HCG at all.


Buy HCG Drops OnlineAs you are aware, advancements in technology has enabled everything to be at our doorsteps by the click of our fingertips, and prescription weight loss drops are no exception. You never have to leave the comfort of your home, spend the gas, schedule appointments, and get someone to babysit the kids just to get your prescription drops.

Purchasing real HCG diet drops online is easy and simple, and you’ll be able to take advantage of better prices. Afraid that you won’t get professional help? Purchasing from an HCG diet center with access to an online, US pharmacy means you will have access to support forums and doctors to address your needs and concerns. Official online HCG clinics can support you through the entire weight loss journey, you’ll be able to track your HCG supply, and have easy access to discounted prices and sales as they arise.

Local HCG Clinic

There are official HCG clinics that sell prescription-grade drops and other HCG products, but you may have a better chance of finding competitive prices online. Plus, it’s not always convenient to schedule the appointments, drag the kids along, and make the drive there. If you do decide to source your HCG locally, it will pay to go to a specialist HCG diet doctor since not all doctors will prescribe HCG for this purpose.

Avoid Inferior HCG SuppliersHCG Diet Side Effects

Many people tend to think that because you need a prescription for HCG, that they’d rather follow the HCG diet without any medical supervision, and purchase from disreputable companies and pharmacies outside of the U.S. There are companies around who sell ‘prescription HCG without a prescription’ but this is dangerous because you could be buying an unknown solution off the black market. You’re also opening yourself up to unknown risks that include being ripped-off and buying contaminated, “so-called” HCG products. You’ll find that HCG prescriptions can be more affordable than choosing a different alternative. With official online HCG clinics, you can have a doctors appointment on the phone, and your Rx taken care of right there online at no extra cost.

At this point, you shouldn’t still be wondering where to buy real HCG drops. But just in case – the most easiest, cost-effective, and fastest way is to purchase online. Your wallet will thank you, and most-likely your spouse too. You’ll find that you’ll be patting yourself on your back as you finesse over the smooth, lean contours of your new body. It’s time to be the minority of Americans that have learned to re-shape their lives away from being obese and overweight. Today is the day to start your new life as the person you know you want to be.

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