The HCG Drops Diet – Is it Right for You?

Ditch the weight loss shakes, the caffeine pills, and the super-expensive supplements that haven’t done anything flattering for your body. Instead trade them in for the HCG diet drops that will burn fat, re-construct hard to lose areas, and fire-start the metabolism into overdrive without compromising on precious muscle tissue.

You’ll find you can re-create your life according to the new, healthy lifestyle you’ll learn how to achieve with HCG. In the present day, nearly everyone has heard of HCG and the HCG diet. You might even know a few people who have done it, and now you want in.

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You’re probably nervously wondering does the HCG diet work, and if it will work for you? Afraid of failing in yet another weight loss endeavor? Have you tried all the fads there ever was, and still no results? If you have any weight at all to lose, then the HCG hormone diet will likely work for you. So let’s take a stroll down memory lane to discover how thousands of people have transformed their lives and lost the weight.

History of the HCG Diet

Dr SimeonsIt all started with the British endocrinologist Dr. ATW Simeons who had been positively experimenting with the use of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in pregnant women and overweight boys with low levels of testosterone in the 1950s. His studies found that weight loss occurred because the adipose tissues were broken down and used for fuel while protecting muscle tissue. In the boys, it increased testosterone levels helping to encourage a healthy sperm count and normal functioning of male adolescent puberty processes.

Dr. Simeons then continued his studies for the next decade, and compared his findings to a control group who used only diet and exercise alone to lose weight. The results were astonishing. He determined that when HCG is used in conjunction with a nutritious calorie-restricted diet, the dieters could access fat stores to be burned off for fuel and energy without compromising on muscle, making it more effective than diet and exercise alone. In 1967, Simeons published his book “Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity” that gave more information to medical professionals and fellow dieters alike. In his book, he created his HCG diet plan which has been expounded on to enable the most effective weight loss results possible.

How the HCG Diet Has Changed?

Kevin TrudeauAccording to Dr. Simeons diet protocol, he introduced a calorie-restricted diet of no more than 500 calories a day. Although many people questioned this amount, the HCG proves effective when it can burn off more fat stores than the body is taking in. If you’re eating a large calorie diet, it’s like asking HCG to run faster than it’s able to. Instead, the glucose that can’t be burned for fuel will be given lodgings in a new ‘fat-cell hotel’ that was created specifically for them, making you fatter than you were before. Hence the need for a restrictive low-calorie diet. However, despite the genius of the diet and the product, it lost steam because doctors and other medical professionals weren’t enforcing strict implementation of Simeons diet plan. So how did HCG make it’s come-back?

In 2007, Kevin Trudeau published “The Weight Loss Cure, What THEY Don’t Want You To Know”. He rejuvenated enthusiasm and brought attention to Simeons HCG diet again. He broke things down to make it easier to understand, and therefore easier to implement. Many people have successfully lost large amounts of weight and fine-tuned their bodies with the 500 calorie HCG diet. Low Impact ExerciseBut despite this, experts, nutritionists, and medical doctors reviewed the calorie limit. Recent studies found that by upping the calorie limit to 800 calories implemented with the HCG and a low-impact 30 minute workout, you’ll achieve the same weight loss results as if you were on the 500 calorie diet. Dr. Simeons original HCG diet protocol caters to the 800 calorie HCG diet change also. Other than the calorie change and 50 years, Dr. Simeons original diet protocol remains the champion outline to follow among HCG drop dieters.

Phases of the HCG Drops Diet

Trudeau created a framework that makes the instructions easier for dieters to follow. This is good news since you’ll want to strictly adhere to the steps needed to enable you to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, and increase metabolic power. The phases outline what you’ll need to do and when you need to do it. Because there are many processes at work when your body is in fat burning mode, you’ll want to do exactly what’s been instructed to make sure you’re still burning fat stores, melting off the inches, protecting the muscles, and ensuring the metabolism is raging hot. There are essentially three phases of the HCG diet but unfortunately, Trudeau did include a phase that wasn’t originally part of Simeons diet plan. Below are the phases as per Dr Simeons protocol.

Phase 1 – The Loading Phase.

This phase lasts for the first three days, and you’re to take your HCG drops as instructed. During these few days you’re to excessively eat as much high-calorie, high-fat foods you can. Sounds contradictory to your weight loss diet plans? Don’t worry. It’s purpose is to replenish your healthy fat reserves to force the metabolism into overdrive to start the week off easier for you. Although binge-eating sounds fun, you’ll be glad you don’t eat like this everyday once this phase is over.

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Phase 2 – The Low Calorie Diet

This is where you’ll experience rapid weight loss. Phase 2 should last around 21 to 38 days, depending on your personal weight loss goals. If you’ve got a great deal of fat to burn off, inches to melt away, and weight to lose, then you’re most likely looking at a longer diet time frame. This is also a very exciting phase for HCG dieters because you’re watching your body melt away and transform right in front of your very eyes. Phase 1 HCG Drops DietIt’s extremely motivating and encouraging to share photos and tips during this phase. It can be inspiring for others who are also struggling with their weight loss goals.

During this time you’ll be taking your HCG drops as instructed, and you’ll strictly adhere to the approved foods outlined for the 800 calorie daily diet. During the first week your body will be going through drastic changes as it purges itself of toxins and blasts off those adipose stores. If you experience any symptoms that relate to the calorie-restricted diet, you’ll find that they’ll dissipate during the week, along with your junk-food cravings and your appetite as your energy levels increase and overall mood improves. You’ll also be smiling a lot more, feeling confident and liberated as you shimmy into those pre-pregnancy jeans or that tux you wore at your wedding.

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Phase 3 – The Diet Break.

During this three week phase, your calorie allowance increases from 800 calories per day to 1500 – 2000. Apart from adding one serving of starch to your daily allowance at dinner time, you’re now allowed to have up to two teaspoons of butter or oil at every meal. For the rest, you’re still sticking to the hCG diet as it was in phase two: a portion of protein (100g) at every meal, the option of a portion of veg (cupful) at every meal and a serving of fruit.

Continue to weigh yourself on a daily basis to ensure that you’re not gaining weight. If you see a weight gain of more than 2kg, check your food diary to see what foods could have been to blame. Don’t get discouraged. Try stabilizing your metabolism with a steak day. On a steak day, you will eat nothing but vegetables all day and then have a lean steak for dinner. Some people find that cutting out the carbs for a day and eating only their protein ration stops any weight gain for phase three. Remember, you’re only going to do this for one day. Then you’ll try again. Although some people begin re-introducing dairy products in phase three, this should be avoided.

If you’ve still got significant amounts of weight to lose, you can safely begin another round Phase 2 after the 3 week diet break.

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Phase 4 – Transition and Maintenance.

Phase 4 HCG Drops Diet

This phase is the make or break final step that you have to take if you want to complete this diet successfully. Without a controlled re-introduction to a higher calorie diet, the kilograms are going to pile on again quickly. This phase ensures that the weight stays off!

At this point, you’re going to discover how many calories you should allow yourself per day in order to stay slim. Add 500 calories per week to your diet and if you see your weight increase by 2kg or more, try another steak day or an apple day before proceeding. If you still gain weight, reduce your daily intake of food by 500 calories and sustain that since it is your maintenance calorie value.

Continue to eat healthy whole foods and limit starch and dairy intake. If you can live without sugar, do so and avoid processed foods that contain ‘hidden’ sugar. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of protein and veggies and keep an eye on the scale.

You’ll not only keep the weight you lost during the diet from returning, you’ll also be living a healthy lifestyle that will enhance your health and wellness.

Why Taking HCG is an Essential Part of the HCG Diet

Many critics accuse HCG dieters of only losing weight because of the low-calorie diet alone. For those who have tried only dieting, they know that’s not true. Dr. Simeons studies were significant because they dismissed any judgmental opinions aimed at those who need the extra help in losing weight. Those with ‘skinny’ genes that can drop the pounds at a moments notice can’t relate to the majority of people who have tried everything, and have come to realize that the body needs something else.

Dr. Simeons results showed the hormone HCG made weight loss more effective than diet and exercise alone. How? HCG has many key roles that affect various hormones in the body that can increase energy levels, trigger appetite suppressant hormones, direct adipose tissues for transportation to be burned, and stimulates receptors to protect muscle tissue from deterioration. Without HCG, these processes can’t take place.

Is the HCG Diet Safe for Men?

Absolutely! Males actually naturally produce a very low level of HCG themselves. It’s harmless to males, as it is to females. Men can achieve excellent weight loss with the HCG, on top of the fact that men tend to lose weight faster than women to begin with. HCG is also a testosterone stimulant, so men might find that with low-impact lifting routines, they’ll build lean, tough muscle, as well as improved sex and vitality drives because of the effect HCG has on red blood cells improving their capacity for better blood flow. On all these accounts, there’s not any downsides of the HCG diet for men are there?

Side Effects of the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Side Effects

Homeopathic diet drops are extremely safe for use for weight loss. There’s no known negative side effects from taking this form of HCG drops at all. The HCG diet dangers actually lie in the diet itself. HCG diet side effect concerns actually arise from the low-calorie diet and incorrect application of it. Some symptoms if experienced at all are headaches, light-headedness, mild nausea, loose stools, and leg cramps (rare). These symptoms dissipate over a week’s time, and if they don’t, you’ll need to seek professional medical attention. It’s always advised to first seek the advise of your physician or an HCG doctor.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Results

While on the diet and taking the diet drops correctly, you’ll be able to lose up to one pound per day. Many successful HCG diet drop users have even lost up to two pounds a day. The more weight you have to lose, the faster you’ll lose it too. You’ll find that as the body melts off the pounds, a process called body recomposition will be taking place. You’ll be able to hone-in on those hard to lose areas to reveal the skinny person living inside of you.

Stop paying into the multi-billion supplement industry when you’re not getting results. If you want that lean, slim, healthy, fit, and confident body, then don’t wait any longer. Changing your life starts today with the official HCG diet.

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