Where to Buy the Best HCG Drops – The 4 Top Brands Revealed!

If you’ve decided to join in on the HCG movement, then you’re ready to completely transform your life by achieving your weight loss goals with the best, most effective HCG drops you can get.

Believe it or not, the hardest part has just been done.

Most people struggle with the indecision of whether or not to do something, and if you’re ready to buy your HCG power today, you’ve taken the first giant leap into your new, happy, confident, fit, slim, and healthy life!

The next few steps will require you to consider what is the best way to buy, where to buy HCG drops, and how to go about receiving it.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? This is the easy part remember!

Here’s a break-down for you to be able to confidently navigate your way through the HCG market to ensure you’re getting genuine, quality, pure HCG drops for your money.

But first, lets dive straight into an overview of our 4 favorite HCG drop products.

Our 4 Recommended HCG Drops Suppliers

BrandHCG TypeInformation
HCG Complex

Hormone-Free hCG Activation Complex
  • Ideal for those with under 25lbs to lose

  • Does not contain any HCG hormone, instead these drops contain a combination of amino acids and herbs engineered to stimulate your body's natural hormone production and get your body into fat burning mode.

  • BONUS: Buy 1 bottle, get 1 Free
us hcg shots

15,000IU Pharmaceutical hCG Drops
  • Ideal for weight loss of 25lbs+

  • Doctors supervision included in price

  • High-strength real prescription hCG

  • Also available with B12 included
rejuvi medical

Pharmaceutical hCG + B12 Troches (sublingual)
  • Ideal for weight loss of 25lbs+

  • Doctors supervision included in price

  • High-strength real prescription hCG

Homeopathic hCG Drops
  • Ideal for those with under 25lbs to lose

  • Pure Homeopathic hCG

  • No Doctors Supervision


Before You Buy: Choose Your HCG Type

The first decision you will need to make when purchasing your HCG, no matter the source, is whether you want to use prescription HCG or if your preference is for homeopathic or hormone-free drops.

If you opt to use prescription HCG it is helpful to know that you still have the option of buying your drops online – you will just need to use a company who employs a doctor to review your medical information and provide the prescription.

This is known as telemedicine and is really the only way you should be purchasing prescription HCG of any kind. You can see the details of a company who does this in the table below.

If you are unsure of which type of HCG you should use, the information and infographic here might help you choose. Once you know which type of HCG you plan to use, you can examine your purchase options below.

Option 1: Buy HCG Drops Online

It’s a no-brainer. Buying online is the most convenient and nonsense-free way to purchase anything and everything. From the click of a mouse, you can have your product on your doorstep the very next day. This type of technology has changed people’s lives and the world we live in. This digital age has put power in the hands of the consumer to be able to educate themselves, and research their product before they buy. It gives them the ability to choose who they buy from, what they want to pay, and many more benefits without walking past the front door. HCG drops are no exception to this rule.

Buy HCG Drops OnlineBuying HCG drops online from legitimate companies gives you all the advantages you need. You’ll find many companies and manufacturers selling HCG drops online, and you’ll want to do as much research as you can before you hand over those hard-earned dollars. It’s always recommended to purchase your HCG drops from an online licensed US pharmacy, or from a nutraceutical-grade manufacturer to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

Another perk of buying online is the opportunity to get HCG drops for sale and at discounted prices. Some manufacturers and retailers will offer promotions that enable you to take advantage of cheaper prices so that you can get the best prices available. You could also avail options of buying in bulk to lower the HCG direct costs as well as shipping costs.

However, don’t get too excited to just buy your HCG drops from any ‘Joe Schmo’ online, or the first so-called HCG company you see. To dispel a myth, many people think it’s cheaper to order HCG drops online from black market companies, and manufacturers outside of the United States. Not true. You’ll present yourself with being ripped off, taking the risk of putting possibly contaminated material in your body, and other unknown risks that won’t be worth it for your wallet, nor your health. It’s actually cheaper and safer to ensure you buy your HCG drops from a licensed medical professional, clinic, or online US legitimate source such as those in the table above.

When ordering HCG online you have 4 supply options as shown below:

1. Nutraceutical Companies selling Homeopathic HCG – RECOMMENDED

Recommended HCG Drops

If you have elected to use homeopathic drops, it is a good idea to source your drops from a nutraceutical company as they have HCG drops that are made to comply with higher standards than some other supplement companies. This is evident by a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. This gives you peace of mind and assurance that you’re getting pure HCG drops to burn off that belly fat, and get you slim.

For best results when using homeopathic HCG you should also look for a product that incorporates amino acid, vitamin and herbal lipotropic ingredients. Buying drops that contain lipotropics and metabolic boosters will enhance the fat burning processes that take place, as well as provide nutritional support for the body and protection to muscle tissue.

When deciding on a supplier for your HCG, there is also the diet information the company provides to consider. Ensure they provide all of the necessary information to give you the ‘know-how’ to maximize your fat-burning benefits from the HCG drops. This coupled with pure HCG and powerful lipotropics will ensure you achieve optimal results.

See our recommended suppliers of HCG drops with lipotropics in the table here –>

2. Prescription HCG via a Telemedicine Consultation

If it is prescription HCG you have decided on there is only one way to get it, and that is via a telemedicine program. You can enroll in such a program online and it is similar to having a consultation with your local doctor. You will be required to complete some medical enrollment forms and a doctor will review your information. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for the HCG diet you will be provided with a prescription and supply of your choice of HCG troche (an oral method of taking HCG superior to drops) or injections. You can begin the enrollment process for prescription HCG here.

3. Amazon

This popular online company has a large variety of HCG diet drops for sale. You’ll have the ability to search through different products, prices, and kits available for the HCG diet. Although you may find cheap HCG drops, you’ll still need to take caution with who you’re buying from and the quality of HCG. Although you may find great deals on Amazon, and decent shipping costs, you’ll need to be vigilant that you’re not buying inferior HCG products (or products that contain no HCG at all)! It is also worthy of note that you will NOT get prescription HCG drops from Amazon so don’t believe an company claiming to sell ‘real HCG’ or ‘prescription HCG’ on the Amazon platform.

Update September 2016:  Amazon no longer sells any drops containing HCG.

4. Walmart

Another popular online source that does have HCG drops in their inventory. However, it can also be compared to Amazon in terms of questionable HCG drop quality. Again, you can’t be sure it’s pure, or if it was made with the highest GMP manufacturing and neutraceutical standards available. These aspects matter because you want to pay for a product that is effective and will work for you. Although Walmart does sell HCG drops online, their selection is very limited and once again they will not sell prescription HCG.

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Option 2: Shop Locally

There is the option of shopping locally for your HCG drops. You’ll find that it’s not as convenient as buying online, it can be more of a hassle having to schedule appointments and ensuring the store has the product. You may also be up for some hefty consultation fees that you can avoid when accessing HCG sales online. But if you like the physical encounter, you’ll appreciate the fact that HCG is available locally, you just need to know where to find it!

⇒ HCG Clinic

HCG DoctorThese local HCG clinics are great to get prescriptions that you can use to purchase your HCG from a local pharmacy. You’re dealing with doctors that are experts in the field of how HCG works for weight loss and other health benefits. They’ll also have the option for you to buy pure and genuine HCG from them. Although that could be an advantage if you’re already there, you can expect the advantage may be offset by the higher marked-up prices (and consultation fees). The downside also includes having to schedule the appointments for consultations and prescription pick-ups, rushing during the appointment because you’re on your lunch-break, forfeiting any sales you could get online for the drops, let alone dealing with toddlers, bus-stop pick-up times, and other errands you’ve still got to run while you’re out and about.

⇒ Department Stores

If you live in a big metropolitan area, you’re local department stores may just have some homeopathic HCG drops in stock. However, there’s a problem with retail HCG drops – you can’t be sure of it’s quality, effectiveness, safety, and manufacturing standards. Successful people who have lost the weight and maintained their new weight and body, will tell you that buying online from a reputable source is the best way to get your fat burning HCG power.

What to Check Before Buying HCG Drops:

Before you go crazy throwing all sorts of credit card numbers all over the place, you’ll want to carefully consider important aspects that will ensure you’ll be as successful as possible. These elements are important for while you’re losing the weight, maintaining the new weight, sticking with the diet, and making sure you’re using high quality HCG the correct way.

⇒ Quality

You’ve by now realized that you’ve been drilled to take especial note of the quality of HCG drops you’re considering purchasing. No matter how cheap you may get the HCG drops, if they’re harmful and ineffective, you’ve still wasted the George Washington’s you thought you did save, and the ones you actually spent.

Pharmaceutical grade HCG drops are pure HCG, so you’ll want to check labels thoroughly to ensure they’ve not been diluted. Homeopathic HCG drop labels should also be checked thoroughly to ensure it does contain HCG. Some people have made the mistake thinking they’re purchasing the homeopathic drops, but instead bought the HCG-free versions. You want HCG drops that are of the utmost quality, and there are indicators to help you determine which is of the best quality. Look for a prominent assurance of compliance with manufacturing standards. This can include the GMP seal of approval.

⇒ Support

HCG Diet SupportMany reputable HCG companies will offer support forums and support contact information to lend a hand to the HCG drop users as much as possible. These types of aspects are essential in being able to successfully finish and complete the HCG diet. All the support one can get can be the difference of losing those 50 pounds or not.

⇒ Diet Information is Included

Like support, any additional information you can get to help you achieve that lean, slim, and confident body will be very welcome. Because the HCG is extremely effective while on the HCG diet, look for companies that offer diet information and tips to ensure your success. This could give you an outline of what foods you can and cannot eat, as well as tips on how to change your appetite behavior, and over-all general advice that could help make the diet options seem easier to tackle. This can also fall into the customer service category. Representatives should be able to answer all your questions that you have before buying the HCG drops.

⇒ Security

A major aspect that many people are concerned about when buying HCG for sale online is security, especially when it comes to filling prescription HCG. Your personal identity information, credit card numbers, home addresses, and physical and health data might seem like more than you want to reveal. That’s where security comes in. If you need a doctors consultation to obtain a prescription online, ensure that the company offers a secure video or phone call for the process. Just like going to the doctor’s office to fill out a physical evaluation form, you may be asked to do the same. If you have any sorts of questions, always call them and ask to speak directly to someone who can help you. Customer service should always be a priority.

Secure HCG PurchaseCredit card information will need to be gathered, and look for the “s” at the top of the url (https:) or the SSL seal at checkout to ensure it’s a secure site. Even better, legitimate sites should have some sort of secure shopping code embedded into their system. If you’re purchasing HCG drops without a prescription, expect the process to be simpler and less inquisitive. Legitimate HCG companies do all that they can to ensure a secure site to protect all your information.

Buying any product that’s going to be used for your weight loss and health should be held to scrutiny. Know what you want, and know what how to get it. Avoid doing a half job done when it comes to HCG drops and your weight loss. In the end, all this knowledge is to enable you to come out the other end happy, confident, slim, and healthy. Changing your life with HCG drops starts today.

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