10 Tips to Help You Prepare for the HCG Drops Diet

Have you seen the tons of weight your HCG diet buddies have shed? Read about the amazing body transformations HCG diet drops have done for thousands of others? So you’re impatient to change your body and you want in?

Congratulations on taking charge of your life and weight loss goals!

Sometimes the hardest step in transforming your body is making the decision to do something different today. Tackling the HCG diet and incorporating the drops into your weight loss regimen doesn’t have to be difficult, and you definitely don’t have to go it alone…

Not quite sure where to begin with HCG? To comprehend what tools you’ll need to best help you get optimal results while on the HCG diet is the first leap of success. Achieving successful results means equipping yourself with as much knowledge, support, and motivational tools as possible. Before you jump head first into the HCG diet world, armor up by giving yourself the best chances of success by doing these 10 things first!

1. Set a Date

Set a Date

There’s nothing worse than deciding that you’re going to adhere to a strict diet plan over the course of numerous, clustered-together holidays where you’re fighting temptation every step of the way.

The first smart step is to set a date to start the HCG regimen where you can be in control of your diet and life as much as possible. Sometimes this means avoiding vacation dates, holidays, and periods where you may spend much of the time outside the home. Remember you want to set yourself up for success, and choosing dates where you can spend about two months dedicated to your body transformation is the first real plan in your HCG diet therapy.

2. Choose Your HCG

How to choose which one is right for you isn’t as daunting as you might initially think. Self-evaluation is the key to this step.Choose Your HCG

Do you have high weight loss goals to achieve? More than 25 pounds? Prescription-grade HCG diet drops will be the right type of HCG for you. The more weight you carry, the more weight loss results you can expect from prescription HCG. The way HCG is naturally designed ensures that it’s most efficient when there’s large quantity of fat stores available for it to distribute to burn off. Its additional roles as an appetite suppressant trigger, energy enabler, and muscle-cell protector makes prescription HCG the most effective option for most people starting out with HCG drops.

If you’ve got less than 25 pounds to shed and you’re pretty close to achieving your weight loss goals, the homeopathic HCG drops will be the way to go. When you have minimal pounds to drop, your brain tells the body to stop burning off the fat and to store it instead. When homeopathic HCG loaded with additional fat-busting boosters are introduced to the body, it tells the brain it’s okay to let the fat go. While the diet and all-natural HCG drops provide the body with much-needed nutrition and fat-burning qualities, the body undergoes a recomposition phase of taking fat stores from hard-to-lose areas while protecting precious muscle and boosting energy levels.

Need more help choosing which type of HCG drops is best for you? Click here to check out our handy HCG Infographic.

3. Order Sufficient HCG

Order Sufficient HCGEncourage maximum results by having enough HCG to cater to your diet time-frame. It’s vital to the HCG diet to have uninterrupted use of the HCG drops. Missing a day or two because of shipping delays or shelf shortages can greatly compromise your results. Purchase the HCG drops in bulk and don’t worry about them spoiling before the end of your diet. Prescription HCG drops come unmixed and ready to refrigerate once you open. From that point, they last 60 days before they expire which is the right time for you to complete your regimen. Homeopathic drops come mixed and ready to take and generally have quite a long shelf-life, long enough to see you through the diet duration.

4. Set a Weight Loss Goal

Set a Weight Loss GoalThis might seem obvious and easy, but it should take some mental effort to really consider your weight loss goal. Instead of comparing yourself to what you used to weigh in college or dreaming of fitting into those size 0 jeans, the most important aspects to focus on is setting a weight loss goal that’s attainable, realistic, and specific. Having a real number will hold you accountable to do your best while on the HCG diet. Don’t be vague. Attaching reasons to why you want to lose weight will help you stay motivated and keep from cheating.

Setting your goal will also encourage journal recording. Seeing your progress inch closer to achieving your goal will keep momentum and excitement going. Knowing that there is an end to the HCG diet may end up being bad news because you’re enjoying seeing the pounds melt off. But if you’ve got more weight to lose, you can safely do another round of HCG therapy in a few weeks time after completion.

5. Take Before Pics and Measurements

Take Before Pics and MeasurementsThis isn’t everybody’s favorite part of the weight loss journey, but it’s a very important part. By taking pictures and measurements before, and perhaps even during the diet, you’ll be able to track your progress and rate of weight loss. Not only can this be extremely encouraging for you, it can be an excellent support and motivational tool for someone else struggling with their weight or struggling to finish the HCG drops diet therapy.

Don’t be afraid to take measurements of everything: your weight, waist, thighs, chest, arms, buttocks, neck, and even around the belly button (you can get tips on how best to here). You’ll find that you just might feel super proud of your before pics since they will reflect all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice you put into your body transformation with HCG drops.

6. Review the Supplied Diet Plan

Review the Supplied Diet PlanEvery HCG supplier should provide their own guideline of a diet plan for you to follow. If the company doesn’t provide diet information and support, you may want to look for another one that does. It’s essential to become familiar with this diet plan as your weight loss results will depend on it.

Although diet plans may vary somewhat, even between legitimate HCG suppliers, it’s important to note that the diet plan needs to be either the 500 or 800 calorie plan. Consistencies in the food menu should be limited to a small approved list of proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Some approve some spices, coffee, and green tea while all should restrict the use of oils, sugar, and starches.

7. Assess Your Food Supplies

Assess Your Food SuppliesBefore you throw yourself into HCG diet mode, take a moment to check your fridge and your cupboards. See anything inappropriate snarling back at you? Take this opportunity to do a full sweep of removing all unapproved foods from your shelves. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by removing temptation, making it less likely for you to cheat and compromise your weight loss results. Instead transform your shelves with all the good foods that you’ll be munching on to transform your body and health.

Additional tip: stock up on as much as you can. The less trips to the store means less temptation.

8. Begin a Weight Loss Journal

Begin a Weight Loss JournalSkeptical about how tedious records can help you lose weight? Studies have shown that dieters that keep a weight loss journal lose double the amount of weight as dieters that don’t. Don’t limit yourself to pen and paper only. Use an online program or a smartphone app to record consumed foods and portion sizes. Don’t forget that writing down how you feel after you’ve eaten certain foods as well as emotions that govern your appetite is just as important. There’s a reason why emotional eating is such an epidemic. Targeting these aspects with awareness and accountability can help you stay on track long after the HCG diet is over.

9. Create a Meal Plan

Create a Meal PlanUse your approved diet plan to create a menu of what your meal times should look like. This has many benefits:

    • You’ll prevent yourself from over-loading calories by knowing what to put together first.
    • Getting creative with switching foods around can be the difference between failing and succeeding. If you get bored, your body might too.
    • The meal plan prevents you from accidentally forgetting that french fries aren’t on the menu, let alone any other unapproved food item.

By preparing ahead of time, you set yourself up for success. It’s too easy to give into temptation when you’re tired and don’t want to think about what you’re supposed to have.

10. Plan a Reward

Plan a RewardAllow yourself to indulge in your reward when you’ve completed the HCG diet drop therapy. Dream bigger than fitting into those skinny jeans or being able to horse around with the kids. Take a cruise vacation, go hiking for three days, or buy a whole new wardrobe. Rewards encourage motivation and can help keep you accountable. Even while on the HCG diet, it still takes mental perseverance to continue and complete the regimen, and having a reward in place to look forward to at the end can help you overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

As with any success in life, preparation and a solid foundation contributes greatly to achieving it. Completing these 10 steps before starting your HCG diet drops will provide you with the motivation, tools, knowledge, and support that will reflect physically in your new body. Up to tackling the HCG diet yet? Ready, get set, go!

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